The Wolf of Wall Street

This film has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards:

  1. Actor in a Leading Role – Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Actor in a Supporting Role – Jonah Hill
  3. Best Picture
  4. Directing – Martin Scorsese
  5. Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – Screenplay by Terence Winter.

First off, let me say that I enjoyed the film. I think there are better movies out there. DiCaprio and Hill both do wonderful job in their respective roles. However, I think the movie was long. They could have deleted some of the scenes of decadence and the movie would not have lost any of its impact. I have no doubt there were probably more stories of those decadent times in the original book.

I must take issue with the claims that the movie is glorifying a decadent lifestyle. I don’t think that was the intention of the movie. The decadence and debauchery are so over the top, people were laughing out loud during some of the scenes.

I do want to state that it was great seeing Joanna Lumley in a small part. I recently found out that we were born on the same day – just several years apart. I saw the humor in casting the actress known for portraying the drink and drug addled Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous as the very prim and proper English aunt who briefly sympathizes with Leonardo’s character intimating that she used drugs in her past “to survive the 60’s.”

Unfortunately, I think that there is very still competition in each of the categories for which this film was nominated and some of the other nominees are a bit stronger.


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