Tonight, I knocked Nebraska off the list of movies I had not yet seen. Before I talk about the movie, let me just share some positive comments about the Landmark Theaters in Philadelphia. Nebraska was showing at the Ritz at the Bourse, which has convenient parking in the garage next store. If you get your ticket validated, you can park for only $6.50. I love going to the movies at any of the Ritz theaters. The tickets are cheaper than at more mainstream theaters, the staff is always friendly and courteous, and there are always baked goods as an option instead of popcorn. (Although the scones can be dry sometimes).

before the movie, we had dinner at Cosi. Phil always enjoyed going to Cosi and getting pizza there. Well, that is no longer an option at the Cosi at 4th and Chestnut. Phil was not a fan of his Tomato Basil soup and my chili was served at room temperature. At least we both enjoyed the movie.

Nebraska is nominated for 6 Academy Awards:
Actor in a Leading Role – Bruce Dern
Actress in a Supporting Role – June Squibb
Best Picture
Writing (Original Screenplay)

i think it is worthy of each of these nominations. Bruce Dern gives a wonderful performance as a senior citizen who can be gruff and bewildered sometimes in the same scene. He really comes across as an “everyman” senior. He can seem like someone’s father or grandfather. We have probably seen such characteristics in so many old men in our lives. June Squibb is absolutely amazing. She is given such great dialogue so that she can steal almost every scene that she is in. This movie is about more than just a confused old man thinking he won a million dollars in a Publishers Clearing House-like sweepstakes; it is also about his son learning to appreciate his father more as he learns more about his family and his history. The film being shot in black and white enhances the desperation of the title character and makes you feel more like you are watching someone’s real life enfold and less about watching a movie.

I recommend seeing it while it is still in the theaters.

And with that, I have now seen all 9 nominees for Best Picture.


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