Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

The absolutely only reason why I watched this movie was because it was nominated for Best Hair and Makeup. In this movie, Johnny Knoxville is made to look like the titular Bad Grandpa. I must admit from a distance, the make-up looks convincing. However, when the camera pans closer to the actor, it seemed more obvious that it was make-up – at least to me. The premise of the movie is that this old man gets saddled with his grandson when his daughter leaves the child with Grandpa right before she is sent to prison. Grandpa’s job is to drive the child from the Midwest to North Carolina to deliver the child to his biological father, who only wants the child for the money he expects to receive from the state to care for the child. With this overarching “plot” (and I do use that term loosely), the movie is a series of scenes that appear to me more of an updated and less tasteful version of ,Candid Camera. Knoxville’s character and the little boy interact with  people as they do outlandish things with the interactions all filmed for the movie. Whether it is the young child travelling to gentlemen’s clubs in search of his wayward grandfather or the , grandfather flying through a plate glass window  on a children’s ride gone awry, the nature reaction of the “innocent bystanders” are all captured.  Some of the scenes are funnier than others and, without a doubt, some are much more tasteful than others. I can understand why the move was nominated – I saw more of Bad Grandpa’s genitalia than I care to see – but I don’t think the Academy will bestow the award on this movie.

If you want some cheap, base thrills, give this movie a rental. of course, there are reality shows that already do similar things without being as vulgar.


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