Carrie (2013)

I recently rented through Netflix the remake of Carrie. I think the movie was updated well. The use of social media as a way to tease Carrie in high school is consistent with what one would expect in a current movie. The character protrayed by Julianne Moore, Margaret White, was given an additional personality quirk which added to the weirdness to the character.

There are two problems that I had with the remake. First, in the original movie, you always got the sense that Carrie was acting our of anger and fear. At some point in the remake, Carrie appears to be acting out of spite. She became similar to the mean girls that teased her in school. So, I lost some of the sympathy for the character. The best indication of this is Carrie’s reaction to seeing the car being driven by Billy toward Carrie. In the original, the response is more reactionary – Carrie lashes out partially in surprise. In the remake, her response is much more brutal.

Second, there is the final scene of the movie. For those of you who saw/remember the final scene, Sue who tries to befriend Carrie brings flowers to her grave. In the original, it is not a cemetery to which she goes, but the land where Carrie’s house was sitting. The “For Sale” sign forms a cross and spray-painted across is the phrase “Carrie White Burns in Hell”. Here is a link to the final clip. In the remake, Sue goes to a cemetery and the same phrase is painted on the tombstone, but the ending is different. Despite the increased violence and better special effects, the ending in the 2013 version is tamer than in the original.

It was an evening’s entertainment, but the original is, in my opinion, the better movie.


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