We watched Jobs on DVD last night (Netflix rental). I thought Ashton Kuchner really looked the part. This movie tells a bit about the origins of Apple Computers and its iconic founder, Steve Jobs.

I hope there are some very scenes from the movie that ended up on the cutting room floor because sometimes the movie seemed a bit disjointed. For example, early on in the film, we see Jobs at college. We see him as a barefoot, drug using college-drop out. We have no indication of the technical genius. One does get hints of his being a real visionary. At least one school college professor/administrator wanted to see him enrolled at the school, but one can’t understand why. Jobs comes across as an egotistical bastard. As stated in the movie, he was so focused on the particular product that he was working on that he didn’t care about the loss of his own relationship or the important relationship between company and consumer. While the movie does highlight the fact that Jobs was an innovator and visionary, one walks away with the feeling that he was a really big jerk.


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