Amazing Spiderman 2

It has been a while since I posted a movie review – or commentary which is what I think my posts are more like.  I have seen several movies, but none really inspired me to offer any commentary – until now. I recently saw the Amazing Spiderman 2.  I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but I did have some problems with the film. First, if my memory is correct, super-hero films with more than one film tend to be horrible. Let;s add to that by having one movie serve as origin movies for 3 villains. I get that the groundwork was being laid for a future battle between Spidey and the Sinister Six. However, I found the origin of Green Goblin to be a bit too contrived and too much of a departure from established Spidey canon – if you saw the first trilogy of Spiderman movies, you are already familiar with the origin of the  Green Goblin. Rhino seems like he was thrown in at the last minute.

Now let’s talk about Electro. Glad to see that they did not use the comic book costume. While the comic book origin may have seemed unbelievable by any stretch of the imagination, the origin in the movie was a bit too similar to Spidey’s own origin.  I get that the character is supposed to be a “loser” before becoming Electro – but he did not have to be so so terrible stereo-typical: bad dresser and a really bad comb-over?!? It was more like Jamie Foxx was channeling Eddie Murphy;s character in Bowfinger.

Leading up to one dramatic scene, bio-science wizard – Gwen Stacy – claims that she can figure out how to reset the power grid because she saw the plans.  Plans the Electro designed (before he became Electro) and were used to masterful power the city in a single grid (not a smart move if the power foes out)  At first blush, this strains credibility. How simple could those plans have been. It turns out, my disbelief was misplaced – all Gwen had to do was break a single lock and press one button. Really?

The movie does a pretty good depiction of Amazing Spiderman #121. It is not the same exact story, but it is similar enough not to disappoint most comic fans.


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