Into the Woods

First off, if you are a parent with young children, please think twice before bringing young children to see “Into the Woods”. Although this is a wonderful movie musical, it is based on a Broadway musical, not just based on the Disney versions of well known fairy tales. Some of the themes are more adult and it is much darker in tone than the usual animated Disney fare. The performances were very good. Meryl Streep can sing quite well and she always gives so much to her roles. The only drawback that I felt to the story was that I wanted a bit more about some of the characters’ stories. For fans of the show, I think you will enjoy it.


One thought on “Into the Woods

  1. I have to say I do not agree with this at all. I would think children should be encouraged to see this films because of the themes, they should know that there are consequences for their actions and with every action there is a reaction. The reason why the show was made was to tell that message to children because “children will listen” if we only have stories where there are no consequences and hide this terrific message from them, how will it get across? And about Meyrl’s singing, although it is a musical, Stephen Sondheim’s work is strongly more centered toward the acting of the songs which she did a superb job with. I am sorry but you do not seem to have grasped this story at all and I am sorry that it did not get across to you.

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