Begin Again

This movie would not have been on my radar if it were not nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. With a movie that involves musicians, one would hope that there is some good music in it. If you enjoy your pop music a bit more on the folk/singer-songwriter side, you will probably enjoy the songs.

Begin Again has the potential to be a great movie for “six degrees” and similar games. Keira Knightly, nominated for supporting actress for the Imitation Game, stars as Greta, a young singer-songwriter, who was the girl friend of an up and coming musician/actor named Dave portrayed realistically by Adam Levine.  They break up as Dave’s career skyrockets. Greta’s music is heard by Dan, a down-on-his luck record executive portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, nominated for supporting actor for Foxcatcher. They decide to get a group of musicians together, including Greta’s friend, Steve, portrayed by James Corden, who is in “Into the Woods”, which has several Academy Award nominations itself. Add Cee-Lo, Mos Def, Rob Morrow, and Catherine Keener (who was nominated for 2 Academy Awards in her career) to the cast and there are some great six degrees connections.

It is a nice, feel-good movie. Boy gets girl at the end, though it may not be the pair you would necessarily anticipate. The movie takes some jabs at the commercialism of the current music industry without being overly cynical. There are no amazing acting performances, but the movie is an afternoon’s entertainment.

The movie is definitely worth a dvd rental.


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