Two Days One Night

Such a simple premise but a complex movie. Sandra works in a small department of a manufacturing company. She recently was out of work after a bout of depression. It is not clear how long she has been back at work, but it has become apparent to management that the department can get just as much work completed by 16 people as it did 17 employees, So they are all given a choice, they can each receive a very large bonus or Sandra can remain as an employee. When the movie starts, there has already been one vote and Sandra lost. however a co-worker is able to convince a co-worker to have another vote on the next business day. so Sandra has one weekend (the titular 2 days and 1 night) to convince the majority of her colleagues to let her stay and forgo their bonus. Setting aside that she really had 2 days and 2 nights to canvas her co-workers, it is still a great movie. It really gets people thinking about what they would do in that situation. Almost everyone of Sandra’s co-workers need the money. They are all just barely surviving on their wages. some actually work additional jobs on the side. This question of whether someone would put the needs of another before themselves divided families.

Marion Cotillard gives a wonderful performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination. This is one movie that is worth seeing. The only drawbacks that I found were – the use of subtitles in white instead of the easier to read yellow lettering. Also, some of the translation from French into English seemed a bit stilted. These are things that it is very easy to overlook.


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