Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. That is the feeling I got after seeing this movie. The journey consisted primarily of Casey (Britt Roberston) receiving the pin that would allow her entrance into Tomorowland, tracking down Frank Walker (George Clooney), convincing him to take her Tomorrowland, and actually getting there. This took upat least 80% of the movie.  I will admit that the journey was interspersed with bits of Frank’s past.  However, once they got to Tomorowland, the movie seemed a rushed.

The movie maintained the time honored tradition of jet packs bring a main means of transportation in the future. It also perpetuates the impression of what the future would look like if one grew up in the 50’s or 60’s.

While I enjoyed the movie, I can understand why it was not the blockbuster success that one would have predicted with Disney, Clooney, and a sense of nostalgia should bring.  Perhaps, for the main demographic for the movie, there is no sense of nostalgia regarding Tomorrowland. Maybe having the movie harken back to the days of there being a World’s Fair is lost on today’s viewing public. Maybe it’s just the fact that the big problem and the solution were too easily presented to the main characters and the movie are wrapped up too quickly as a result.

My verdict on this case would be … Rent it on DVD.


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