We Are Your Friends

The latest Zac Efron release, We Are Your Friends, tells the formulaic story of a twenty-something who hangs out with his friends but dreams to be a big name X. By chance, Zac meets James Reed, a famed X who may be past his prime, but still takes Zac under his wing. Of course, Reed is dating an attractive girl much closer to Zac’s age than his own. You know from the first time Zac meets the girl, Sophie, that they will hook up at some point and the student will betray the master. The friends live for partying at the weekly techno party that the promote. At some point in the movie, the lesson is learned that drug use is bad (of course no such lesson is learned about drug selling and weekly drunken binges) . Of course after hitting a low point in his life, Zac suddenly understands what his mentor was trying to get him to understand. In a moment of truth, the student exceeds the master and the movie ends. In this movie, the X  I mentioned above is DJing. X could have been replaced with almost any profession or hobby and the movie would not have changed much. Unfortunately I think the one thing that many people will walk away from this movie thinking that they can become a famed DJ with a laptop and recordings of common sounds.

My verdict for this movie- see it at a friend’s house when it’s on DVD.


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